Jerman Seaford Dog Price In India – Price, Lifespan & Appearance

Jerman Seaford Dog Price In India – This is a pet dog and it is also known as the “Alsatian”. It is an agile, strong and friendly dog and was developed as a shepherd in the 1880s. it is used in search, rescue & search operations.

Let us tell you that Jerman Seaford Puppy & Dogs are more expensive in India as compared to Labrador and Golden Retriever. In today’s post, We will give you information related to Jerman Seaford.

Today in this post we will give you complete information about the jerman Seaford dogs price in India, Jerman Seaford dogs baby price in India & Jerman Seaford dogs puppy. So read this post completely.

Breed Name Jerman Seaford
Breed Group Herding Group
Origin Germany
Other Names Berger Allemand, Deutscher, Schäferhund, Alsatian, German Shepherd Dog
Common nicknames DSH, GSD, Shepherd, Schäferhund 
Price Range Rs 20,000 to 40,000
Exercise Time Minimum two hours of exercise every day
Color Black and Red, Black and Tan & Black and Silver
Coat Double Coat
Height 60–65 cm
Weight 32-48 kg
Temperament Intelligent, loyal, Confident, Curious & Alert
Litter Size 4 to 9
Lifespan 10-15 Years
Good with Children Yes
Energy Level Active
Hypoallergic No

German Shepherd Pictures –

Jerman Seaford Dog Price In India – Dogs For Sale In India

It is a pet dog and the costs between around ₹20,000 to ₹40,000 in India. Before buying a dog, you should check it otherwise you may also suffer loss.

The Jerman Seaford is a loving dog, loyal & intelligent dog, and. Let us tell you that the jerman seaford dogs baby price can be different in every state of India.

If you are thinking of buying a Jerman Seaford dog then you have to take care of many things before buying which are as follows…

Having enough space for a Jerman Seaford 

Before buying a dog, you should have enough space in your home to play. It may break your household items while playing due to lack of space.

Having enough time for exercise –

If you want to keep your dog fit and healthy then it is important to give him daily exercise. You should consider before buying a Jerman Seaford if you are often busy.

keeping the dog busy –

The Jerman Shepherd is an intelligent and active dog, So it is important to keep it busy most of the time. If you can’t keep it busy then it can bother you.

Factors Affecting The Jerman Seaford Dogs Baby Price In India –

Location –

If you buy a Jerman Seaford dog from a local breeder then its cost will be a little less but if you buy a Jerman Seaford from any other city then its price becomes higher by including shipping cost and travel costs etc.

Breed Quality –

Pure Jerman Seaford dogs cost more than mixed breed because pure Jerman Seaford are less likely to develop hereditary health problems.

Breeder –

If you buy a Jerman Seaford puppy from a reputable breeder then you will have to pay a higher price because a reputable breeder will always give you a pure breed of Jerman Seaford but many other pet lovers are fooled by buying a mixed Jerman Seaford from a local breeder.

Demand –

Jerman Seaford are very popular in big cities and their demand is also high in big cities, So the Jerman Seaford dog price is higher in urban areas than in rural areas.

Male vs Female Puppy –

The cost of a male Jerman Seaford in India is higher than a female Jerman Seaford because most of the people in India prefer to buy a male Jerman Seaford than a female Jerman Seaford puppy.

Monthly Maintenance Cost Of Jerman Seaford –

Feeding Cost –

The Jerman Seaford is an energetic, loyal & Intelligent breed and it requires a sufficient amount of high nutritional food. Its monthly feeding cost is 2000 to 3000 rupees.

Grooming Cost –

The Jerman Seaford has a double-layer coat and needs to be groomed weekly. Its monthly grooming cost is 1000 to 1500 rupees.

Training Cost –

If you hire a good trainer for Jerman Seaford then the monthly cost of its training will be 2000 to 5000 rupees.

Vet Cost –

If the Jerman Seaford gets hurt or your Jerman Seaford’s health deteriorates then the cost of treatment depends on the injury and illness and disease.

Vaccination Cost –

If you want to protect your Jerman Seaford from infection and germs then you should get your Jerman Seaford puppy vaccinated and the vaccination cost of the Jerman Seaford breed is 500 to 1000 rupees.

History –

In the 1890s, a cavalry officer was looking for a dog breed that could work hard. The horseman’s name was “Captain Max von Stephanitz” and he believed that the dog should have a strong working ability.

Let us tell you that in 1899, Captain Stephanitz went to a show and he saw a wolf-like dog in that show. Captain Stephanitz liked that very much. He brought the dog to his house and The dog was named “Hornd Ver Grafrath”.

Captain Stephanitz mated Horand var Grafrath with several different types of dog breeds and gradually it was able to form a vast society. The Horand var Grafrath is also known as the Jerman Shepherd.

During the First War, Jerman Shepherds were used for many purposes. They were used as Red Cross Dogs, Guard Dogs, Rescue Dogs and Messenger Dogs etc.

In 1923s, there were 57 thousand Jerman Shepherds in the world and after the First War many people praised this breed. After the end of the First War. This breed was transported to different countries of the world.

Appearance –

It comes in many colors like Black with Red, Black with Tan & Black with Silver and its coat is short, medium and long. Let us tell you that it comes in Double Coat. Dogs with double coats have to face a lot of problems during the summer.

If you want to keep your dog Jerman Shepherd fit and healthy then the dog should get at least 2 hours of exercise every day.

Jerman Shepherd weight is 32-48 kg & height is 60-65 cm. Let us tell you that thee body temperature of this breed is around 34-37 degrees.

Temperament –

These are more intelligent, loyal, confident and curious. Apart from this, This breed contributed a lot in the First World War and many people of Japan liked the bravery of this breed because it was very brave and its powerful was also more.

Jerman Shepherd Dogs bark when needed and have a high learning ability. Dogs of this breed are wary of strangers and should not be left alone for long periods of time.

Grooming –

Dogs of this breed have a double coat and need to be bathed once or twice a week to keep them healthy and infection free.

Dogs of this breed have to face many problems because of their double coat. (eg – hair loss) During summer, Dogs with long coats tend to lose more hair.

Let us tell you that the skin of this dog is sensitive. Therefore for the grooming of a Jerman Shepherd dog, you should choose a mild shampoo.

Facts About Jerman Seaford Breed –

  • Apart from the family guard, Jerman Seaford is used for drug detection, search and personal protection etc.
  • Jerman Seaford has 108 Kilograms of the force of the bite.
  • Max von Stephanitz is considered the father of the Jerman Seaford breed.
  • In 1908, the American Kennel Club recognized this breed.
  • This breed became very popular during the First World War.

Some Important Frequently Asked Question –

1. What is the german shepherd puppy price in Hyderabad? (german shepherd price hyderabad)

Its price in Hyderabad starts from Rs.35000.

2. What is the jerman seaford dogs price in delhi? (german shepherd price delhi)

Its price in Odisha is between 30000 to 40000 rupees.

3. Which is the best Jerman Shepherd?

West German Show Lines is the best because it looks beautiful and powerful. It is also easy to train by a trainer.

4. Is german Seaford dogs puppy expensive?

Yes, it is a little more expensive than other dogs and has a double coat.

5. Can Jerman Seaford eat rice?

Yes, you can feed rice to your dog because it contains calcium, fiber, iron, vitamin D and thiamine.

6. Do Jerman Seaford bark a lot?

No, it doesn’t bark a lot but it barks more at strangers.

7. Is Jerman Seaford smart?

Yes, they are smart, loyal, and intelligent. If you are looking for a defensive dog for your home then this is the best for you.

8. What are the most important things to keep in mind before buying a Jerman Seaford dog?

Before buying a dog of this breed you need to make sure that they are not infected or diseased and apart this, German Shepherds should be active and healthy.

9. Is the Jerman Seaford family dog?

Yes, it is a family dog ​​but you should know all the details before buying it.

10. What is the lifespan of Seaford dog?

The lifespan is 10 to 15 years.

11. What is the height and weight of a Jerman Seaford?

Jerman Seaford height is 60–65 cm and the weight is 32-48 kg.

12. What is the best color for the Jerman Seaford breed?

Black and Tan is the most common & popular color for this dog.

13. How many times does Jerman Seaford pee?

once every two to three hours

14. Does the Jerman Seaford Bite?

yes it can bite.

15. What Should I Feed Jerman Seaford?

you can feed high-quality protein-rich diet consisting of 18-22% protein

16. How much food should a Jerman Seaford eat per day?

It depends on their weight but you can feed 2.5 to 3.5 cups of dry kibble per day.

17. What is the rarest color of Jerman Seaford dog?

Isabella is the rarest color of Jerman Seaford dog.

18. What is the jerman seaford dogs price in Bangalore? (german shepherd price bangalore)


19. What is the german shepherd price in Kolkata? (german shepherd price kolkata)


20. What is a german shepherd price chennai? (jerman seaford dogs price chennai)


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